Friday, August 12, 2011

My-konos, You-konos

Way too early in the morning, Melanie and I took a high speed ferry across the great blue Aegean Sea to Mykonos. As with many, if not all, of the Greek isles, Mykonos was created by volcanos many many years ago. Unlike the Hawaiian islands, which are very lush and green, the Cyclades islands are more rocky and arid with very little humidity. Of course the result is quite beautiful when you contrast it with azure and aqua of the ocean. This water is unlike any I have seen before. When you look at postcards and say, "It can't really be that color...", well it is!

Here are a few pictures from our ferry.

Yes, that is dawn.

We arrived in Mykonos to an extremely windy day. It was so windy that some of our friends from Canada were unable to sail here because the winds were too strong. However, it made for beautiful waves and never getting overheated in the sun.

Our drive to the hotel.

Our hotel, the Grand Beach Mykonos, was perfect. It was quaint, not overly crowded, and the staff was very gracious.

The famous windmills:

For the rest of the day we relaxed and enjoyed the view. After many days of traveling and touring we had dinner on our veranda and got some much needed sleep!

The next day we laid by the pool again and ventured to the beach. The sand was more rocky than sandy, but still walkable. We tried to make it out into the surf but there were large boulders with sharp edges that made it difficult. We only made it to where the waves break.

That evening we hit the town. Mykonos is famous for it's nightlife. We walked the short distance to town and walked around the tiny, touristy, shop-filled streets until we made it to the water.

The area by the water is called Little Venice. Our spot is the one with the awning. When there were large waves the water would crash up and over the little white wall, some people got very wet!

We had drinks and watched the sun set and the sky turn magnificent colors of marigold, poppy, lavender, brick, aubergine, and cobalt.

After sunset, we walked the streets again window shopping and looking for a place to eat.

There was lots of fresh seafood. Below are giant Langoustines, they were at least 10 inches long.

We walked across to the harbor and found a beautiful church.

Wandering back through the streets we found a gorgeous seafood restaurant tucked away in a corner. I think this must be one of those gems you have to 'know' about because it was too charming to be hidden like this. The food was fresh and delicious and the decor was mostly white and decorated like the deck of a ship.

I will not divulge the debauchery of the rest of the night, but it was fun :-)

Location:Mykonos, Greece


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  2. It looks like you ladies are having a blast! Keep the updates coming!! xoxo