Saturday, November 24, 2012


The heli ride south to Grasmere Lodge was absolutely stunning.
Leaving Stonefly

Flying south through the New Zealand Alps

Our pilot, Tim, flew us through mountain passes and right up next to the sides!

It was about an hour and half flight to Grasmere, but one of the prettiest I have ever taken.

Upon landing, we were shown to our cottage. What a view!

At this lodge you can do all sorts of activities. We decided to go skeet shooting before lunch.

Then the girls went for a ride. Me and Clyde.

We rode all around the property- through paddocks with sheep, across ponds (a little deeper than expected)

Up many hillsides

And through the woods.

It was the most beautiful ride I have ever been on, mostly because where I've ridden in Wyoming doesn't have the same variety of landscape (in such a relatively small space) or vistas as New Zealand.
That evening we had dinner at the lodge with two other couples. One was from Scotland, the husband was a novelist on tour promoting his mystery, and the other was from Lichtenstein. Very nice people and they made for interesting conversation.
After a full day of activities, everyone was exhausted and went to bed getting ready for another day on the helicopter going further south to Queenstown.

Location:Cass, New Zealand

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