Monday, November 28, 2011

Damn Dengue!

Well, turns out I wasn't feeling too well in Bangkok because I had contracted a few things during my travels. We're not sure which happened first but I got Dengue Fever from a mosquito bite and Typhoid Salmonella from some food I had eaten. Ironically, Lindsay and Amanda were covered in bug bites and I had about four... but one of those four... We had all eaten at the same places too and you guessed it, they were absolutely fine.
So after a night of shaking and sweating with barely a wink of sleep, I somehow pulled it together enough to board a plane to Bali. Luckily my mom was meeting me there which made me instantly feel better. I still didn't know what was wrong with me and I didn't want to ruin the vacation straight away so when we met at the Amandari hotel in the hillside town of Ubud, I just said I had a bug, but she figured something was up when slept about 16 hours a day.

This hotel was absolutely stunning, here are some pictures I took while I was awake.

Our bungalow

Our doorbell

Walk to our bungalow, statues and flowers

Lotus, it was about the size of a placemat!

Main pool, taken from dining area. At night, during dinner, Balinese musicians would play traditional instruments in the hut pictured. The instruments where something similar to xylophones and wooden flutes; it was lovely and sounded very peaceful.

View of hillside rice fields

One day I felt well enough to go to town to see a traditional temple.

After three nights in Ubud we went to the beach to the Four Seasons at Jimbaran Bay. This hotel was also stunning and here are the few pictures I took.
Walk to our infinity dipping pool at our bungalow. The inside sleeping area was to the left (mosquito nets included, a tad too late for me) and the outside sitting area to the right.

Zoom of our view of dormant and extinct volcanos.

Our second day we went to the beach

That afternoon I was taken to the hospital and unfortunately spent the rest of our time there. However, I must say the care the hotel and the hospital provided was outstanding!!! Everyone was extremely concerned and professional and really went the extra mile. In fact, the hospital gave great care to everyone; I know because I had three different roommates. If you are ever sick in Bali, which I hope you are not because it is a GORGEOUS and LOVELY country, you have to go to BIMC. So I guess I have excuse to go back!!!

Location:Bali, Indonesia

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  1. It is a grand shame that your disease-ridden episode interfered with your time in [absolutely beautiful beyond belief] Bali, but I offer you two consolations:

    1. I hear the views from your hospital room were lovely.

    2. You get to go back for a "redo" trip and (drum roll.....) you get to bring...ME!!!! Seriously. I will contact my Zulu witch doctor and procure everything necessary to ward off any evil spirits/fetid mosquitoes/unpronounceable diseases an innocent American might encounter in the Balinese wilds. Only catch is, you'll have to bring me along for the residual protection. So, can't wait!