Monday, November 7, 2011

Natural World Wonders

Upon further investigation, I have discovered that while I thought Iguazu Falls was one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, it is not. In fact, the harbor of Rio de Janeiro is and the falls is #2 out if 7 in South America.

That being said, on our fourth day in South America, Team America headed to Iguazu Falls on the boarder of Brazil & Argentina. We flew from Rio to Iguazu and I was super excited to land!

We were met by our guide who rushed us off to the heliport so we could see the falls from the air. This is one of the coolest things I have done, the view was truly amazing!

Pre-flight jitters

Here we go

I was up front

"Devil's Mouth"

Don't try to adjust you head, I took this picture straight on... meaning I am perpendicular to the ground!

A boat like the one we would later be on.

We landed and once again was ecstatic to be on the ground

Since we had landed on the Brazil side of the falls and our hotel was in Argentina, we had to cross the boarder and go through customs, etc.

When we reached our hotel we were could see how close we were to the falls and it's surrounding park.

We also had a glimpse of some of the wildlife. This is Argentina's version of a raccoon.

Quickly thereafter, we hoped on another Jeep tour that took us to a boat ride in the falls... none of us had any idea what was in store!

We came upon this boat and had to put our life jackets on and put anything that couldn't get wet in a waterproof bag.

Don't forget your whistle!

When we got into the boat we couldn't see the falls ahead of us but slowly we started to hear it, then when we came around the bend it didn't look so big.

And once we got closer we saw the most gorgeous rainbows

No wonder it took us by surprise when all of a sudden we were drenched

After our ride they dropped us off at a spot where we could hike up along the falls... this is what we looked like after

It really didn't matter we were sopping wet, we had a BLAST!!! And we still had an incredible view of the falls

It's hard to see, but it was a "double rainbow all the way"!

Here was our stunning sunset view of the waterfall spray.

That night we had a one of the best nights of our trip with lots of wine, lots of laughs, and a little categories.

The next morning we got up early to go hike around the park again before our flight to Buenos Aeries

And lastly, we said goodbye to our furry friends

Location:Iguazu Falls, Argentina

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